Proof profiles for packaging printing - more efficient and reliable than ever before: GMG OpenColor

Calculate the behavior of overprinting spot colors and save valuable machine run times

GMG's patented OpenColor technology is unique. It enables accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors using special multicolor profiles. The spectral data calculation includes printing technologies, media types and printing order and its results are so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary.

A complete printing press simulator - even if only CMYK is printed

Do you need to change the color sequence in an order? Has the density changed, or the substrate? GMG OpenColor immediately calculates a new profile. Instead of printing on the machine again and again, the result of changed conditions can now be predicted accurately and with minimal expenditure.

Seamless interaction: precise calculation with GMG OpenColor - accurate output with GMG ColorProof

Profiles can be calculated on-the-fly for connected GMG ColorProof systems. To do this, the input files are simply placed in the corresponding hotfolder and are subsequently processed automatically.

The centralized storage of color data in GMG OpenColor and the color stability of GMG ColorProof ensure absolutely accurate results and repeatable quality. To ensure consistently high production standards - even across sites - multiple GMG ColorProof systems are able to access GMG OpenColor and consistently use the same spectral color data and profiles.

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